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Antenatal Clinic

The clinic is run by the community midwife on Wednesdays from midday by appointment.

Asthma Clinic

The clinic is run by the practice nurse on a regular basis. Please ask for an appointment.

Cardiac Clinic

The purpose of this clinic is to prevent heart attacks. All the risk factors (smoking, obesity, blood pressure etc) are dealt with and appropriate advice is given.

Cervical Cytology

For women aged 25-64. Smears are done by the practice nurse by appointment.

Diabetic Clinic

The clinic is run by the practice nurse for diabetic monitoring and advice.

Dietary Advice

The clinic is run by the practice nurse or health care assistant.

Family Planning

Advice is given in normal surgery by the doctor/nurse. Emergency contraception is also available at your local Pharmacy. Preconception counselling is available.

Immunisation For Children

Immunisation clinics are on Thursday. These can also be done in the Practice Nurses' normal surgery by appointment, if the Clinic time is not convenient.

Flu Injections

Usually start mid-September. Please ask reception for further details.

Hypertension Clinic

The clinic is run by the practice nurse or the health care assistant. Please make an appointment.

Minor Operations

Removal of cysts, abscesses, infected toenails, moles, joint injections and warts are dealt with by the doctor, assisted by the health care assistant. This is by waiting list appointment.

Postnatal Examination

Examination is done six weeks after delivery for baby and mum. This is carried out by the doctor by appointment only.

Health Promotion Clinic

Any patient of any age can discuss any health problems. We give a general check-up and anyone can make an appointment to see the nurse. NHS Health Checks are available to patients aged 40 - 74. Details are available at reception.

Non-NHS Examinations

HGV, PSV and insurance medicals etc are carried out by special arrangements with the doctor. These examinations carry a fee; details available at reception.

Bereavement Counselling

Please ask if you need to use this service. This is done by a professional service outside of the Practice.

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